EPA to Expand Its Power Over Water

by Van Helsing
December 11, 2009

When the EPA took advantage of the most insane and dangerous ruling the Supreme Court has ever produced by preposterously declaring harmless CO2 emissions — an unavoidable product of literally all human activity — to be a danger to public safety, the power grab was unprecedented in human history for its potential scope. But when it comes to seizing control over every aspect of our lives, nothing is ever enough for liberal bureaucrats. After air, what we need the most urgently is water — making it a natural target for EPA tyrants:

A group of 28 Republican lawmakers from Western states is fighting efforts by Democrats in the House and Senate to quietly expand the scope of the Clean Water Act, the federal government’s main tool for regulating the quality of the nation’s waterways.

The lawmakers sent a letter Tuesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada opposing efforts to rush through Congress the Clean Water Restoration Act, a bill that would allow the federal government to protect all waters of the U.S. from pollution, not just the “navigable” waters covered in current law.

Reportedly Dems are planning to ram it through quickly and surreptitiously, by attaching it to more popular legislation, such as the defense bill, and passing it at the last minute before Congress flies away for vacation.

We do they need to sneak? Everybody wants clean water, right? But not everybody wants the federal leviathan to grant itself totalitarian control over your property because there’s a puddle in your backyard.

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