Ex-Acting CIA Director Testifying on Benghazi: What Made Him Overrule Eyewitness Accounts on the Ground?

Obama promised his would be “the most transparent administration in history,” yet his administration has brought up more cases against leakers (six) than all his predecessors combined



Ed Krayewski

…Morrell is expected to face questions about why he dismissed the account of the CIA chief of station in Libya, the agency’s top officer in the country, about the lead-up to the Benghazi attacks. As Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reports:

One day before then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice’s controversial Sunday show appearances in 2012, where she blamed the attack on a demonstration, the CIA chief of station also wrote an email to Morell and others within CIA leadership, saying the attacks were “not/not an escalation of protests.”

Former intelligence officials say Morell must now explain what overwhelming and conclusive evidence he possessed that allowed him to override U.S. personnel on the ground in Libya, including the CIA’s top officer, who did not report a protest. The chief of station’s assessment in most every case—apparently, except Benghazi—is considered gospel.

That now former station chief may have testified at a closed door hearing of the Intelligence Committee yesterday…



The entire article, with video, is at Reason.com. Michael Morrell is testifying this morning before the House Intelligence Committee.



Update:   Fmr CIA Chief: I Thought Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack  (video)

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya he believed that it was a terrorist attack along with a protest.

“So I believed what my analysts said that there was a protest. I also believed it to be a terrorist attack, we never saw those two things to be mutually exclusive. So, I believed both of those at the same time,” Morell said before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday.

Update 2: Defiant deputy CIA director denies Benghazi cover-up, despite ignoring eyewitness accounts

Ex-deputy CIA director Michael Morrell defiantly rejected claims that the false Obama administration narrative on the 2012 Benghazi attacks was politically motivated, instead blaming the fake talking points on CIA analysts’ over-reliance on media reports and communication intercepts instead of eyewitness accounts from Libya…



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