Eyewitness: Another man arrested on Flight 253?

by Allahpundit
December 28, 2009

Verrry interesting. This is Kurt Haskell, the same guy who claimed he saw an Indian man trying to talk security into letting Abdulmutallab on the plane without a passport; skip ahead to around 3:15 and listen to him explain how that wasn’t the only Indian (Pakistani?) man who figured into the day’s events and how the contraption taped to the bomber’s crotch might not have been the only explosives on board. Remember, according to yet another passenger, there was a third man on the plane who was “very calmly” videotaping the entire flight, including the moment when the passengers jumped the bomber. Sounds like he’s not the same guy as the mysterious Indian man described by Haskell, as the latter was supposedly arrested on the spot whereas the former was allegedly allowed to leave and is now being sought by the feds. How big of a cell was on this flight, exactly?

Another question: When Haskell talks at the end about the FBI moving the passengers because there was a safety risk, were they still on the plane at the time or had they already gotten off? It sounds like they were already in the terminal or some holding area, but if that’s true, why would there still be a threat from a bomb possibly hidden in the luggage? Presumably the baggage had all been segregated by then. Click here to watch.

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