Falling Through Fire

SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

When someone told me a plane had just hit the World Trade Center, I thought they meant a Cessna. I would imagine a lot of people had that reaction on 9/11. The truth was difficult to comprehend. The fear we inflict upon ourselves is electric with anticipation. Real horror, dropped before our eyes without warning, is dry and hollow. It can be difficult to focus your eyes on something you never saw coming.

In the afternoon hours of 9/11, everything became possible, except what actually happened. No one could have guessed that al-Qaeda’s attack on America would be defeated aboard United 93, only minutes after it began. I hope, with all the ferocity of a broken heart that will never mend, their defeat came as a stunning surprise to those animals. I hope every one of them died with a passenger’s hands around his throat.

United 93 may have crashed in the fields of Shanksville, but it came to rest in the sands of Omaha Beach, after gliding over the snow of Valley Forge, and it sleeps beneath the quiet midnight stars of Ia Drang. The American Revolution has raged for over two centuries, and one mighty company of heroes has fought through every battle. The proposition that free men cannot be broken by the will of tyrants is a challenge. No one can look at the rowdy, mismatched, vital, beautiful sea of Americans, and doubt that challenge will forever roar beyond our borders. We will liberate the world, eventually, if the tyrants don’t stop us. The enemy keeps returning to that conclusion… usually a few bloody days before we do.

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