FBI raids Solyndra

Ed Morrissey

…FBI agents armed with search warrants descended this morning on bankrupt solar company Solynrda this morning.

The investigation comes after a request by the Department of Energy’s inspector general, FBI spokesman Peter Lee told NBC Bay Area News.

Agents arrived at 7 a.m. and are examining the factory. Solynrda has a skeleton crew of 100 workers on the scene, closing the factory down. A CNBC photographer on the scene says the FBI has promised a press conference. An agency spokesperson at its San Francisco headquarters says he’s unaware of any such plans.

Just to remind everyone, Obama touted Solyndra as an example of what government subsidies to green-tech firms could do for the economy and job creation.  So far, it’s managed to make $535 million disappear from the economy and took 1000 jobs with it.  As ABC reported yesterday, taxpayers are actually behind the company’s main investor, George Kaiser, in recouping the losses.  Coincidentally, Kaiser was a big bundler for Obama in 2008.

And coincidentally, his company made a lot of visits to the White House over a two-year period while getting the taxpayer subsidies, too (via Zombie at PJ Tatler)…

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Update: Flashback: White House Video of Sec. Chu and VP Biden at Solyndra Groundbreaking

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