FCC commissioner: Get ready for a government takeover of the Internet

Ed Morrissey
Hot Air

Call it the largest plan for government regulation that no one can read — at least, the largest in almost five years. This time, though, even Congress can’t read it yet, even if they were so inclined. The plan comes from FCC chair Tom Wheeler, and it imposes Barack Obama’s vision of Net Neutrality by regulatory fiat. FCC commissioner Ajit Pai says to get ready for a government takeover — and lots and lots of new taxes

…Call this the Nancy Pelosi Method of Regulation.

Yes, this worked out so well five years ago that we should just trust our regulators to keep us away from “the fog of controversy.” Never mind all of that stuff you learned in civics about “representative government,” transparency, and accountability…



The complete article, with video, is at Hot Air.



Update:   The FCC’s Big Internet Power Grab Comes Directly From the White House

Tom Wheeler’s Title II net neutrality push is the result of an “unusual, secretive” push from the administration.



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