Federal judge rules marriage needs no ‘redefinition’ according to US Constitution

Richard Berkow
BizPac Review

A federal judge has bucked the current trend and ruled that states have the right to define “marriage” for themselves.

Judge Martin L. C. Feldman upheld the Obama-shunted principle of federalism when he ruled Wednesday that the Louisiana definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman needs no “redefinition” according to the U.S. Constitution, the Daily Signal reported.

The judge said that the regulation of marriage, supported by 78 percent of Pelican State citizens in 2004, was a state right and part of the democratic process; that no fundamental right was being violated by the ban on other types of marriages; and that Louisiana had a “legitimate interest … whether obsolete in the opinion of some, or not, in the opinion of others … in linking children to an intact family formed by their two biological parents.”…



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