Feds Close Most of Northeast to Cod Fishing

Douglas Main

Kiss that New England cod goodbye. At least for now.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has closed off most of the waters off the Northeast coast to cod fishing for the next six months, effective November 13. It’s the largest closure of its kind for cod in history, and emblematic of the troubles for the fish, once so abundant it was thought to be a nearly inexhaustible resource.

The move threatens to put some fishermen out of business and makes life tougher for others who sometimes catch the species, which is used to make fish tacos, fish and chips, and cod liver oil…

…Fishermen argue that the move is an overreach, due to the sheer size and complexity of the Gulf. Barrett, along with Brett Tolley, a community organizer with Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (a group that represents fishermen) say that one of the real reasons for recent depletion of stocks was a 2010 policy change that allowed for “catch share management.” This made it possible for people to buy and sell fishing quotas, giving larger ships (and companies) the ability to catch much more than they previously could, Tolley says. Before, limits were much lower, he adds…



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