Feds used donations intended for poor for massages, luxuries for themselves

Luke Rosiak
The Washington Examiner

Federal employees and a contractor diverted more than $1 million of charitable contributions to spending on themselves for in-office massages, meals at every meeting and other luxuries and unnecessary expenses, a government audit found.

They called themselves “volunteers” and said they needed “motivation” to help the less fortunate, even though some 41 federal workers were being paid full-time salaries to administer just one local chapter of the government’s annual workplace charity drive, the Combined Federal Campaign.

They arrived a day early and stayed a day late for annual training conferences in New Orleans and Las Vegas, and paid for room service and pay-per-view movies with donated funds. Then, they adamantly defended their right to do so when questioned by auditors.

They claimed that restrictions on spending for things like first-class flights didn’t apply to donated funds because taxpayer money was not involved…



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