Feeling blue? Take a second look at Scott Brown

by Howie Carr
The Boston Herald
January 8, 2010

You may be a Scott Brown voter if:

• You’re in a union, and you’re going to have to pay a 40 percent tax on your “Cadillac” health-care plan if Martha Coakley gets a chance to vote for Obama’s health-care rationing bill.

• You’re still waiting for that property-tax relief that Deval Patrick promised you in 2006.

• You’re on kidney dialysis and you have to pay for your treatment . . . but illegal aliens don’t.

• You’ve been rear-ended by a drunken state senator.

• You’ve been groped in Lowell by a state senator who, when arrested, gave police the name of a state rep.

• You lost your appetite for lunch one day when you observed a female state senator in a restaurant stuffing FBI cash bribes into her bra…

…• You believe that if someone rapes his 23-month-old niece with a hot curling iron, the district attorney should go after the rapist even before the child’s mother files a complaint – even if the perp is a politically wired cop and the DA is running for higher office…

The list continues at the Herald.

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