Female GOP Congresswoman blasts Democrats’ ‘war’ on women trope at CPAC 2015

Ben Bullard
Personal Liberty

…Ironically, said Love, it is the Democrats’ myopic reliance on identity politics that does the greatest harm to the interest groups they falsely purport to defend. For a party that claims to monopolize the high ground on any social justice issue, the Democrats have adopted a platform that hurts the very people they boast of protecting, said Love.

Nowhere is that more evident, she explained, than the tired Democratic trope of accusing the GOP of waging a “war” on women.

“I think that it’s actually insulting to claim that women can’t make decisions on their own, that they need a centralized government to make those decisions for them,” Love told the Examiner.

“[The ‘war’ on women] comes from the idea that they’d like to separate us based on social status, gender, race, income levels. And we as Americans can’t allow that.”…



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