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6 March 2013




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Have you been watching Sen. Rand Paul‘s heroic effort on the Senate floor? He is filibustering John Brennan’s confirmation as director of the CIA. And he’d be happy to stop—if Pres. Obama will make one simple statement: that it’s unconstitutional and illegal for the government to kill Americans in the United States without due process. Why is it so hard for the President to say this?

Update: Transcript: First Hour of Rand Paul’s Filibuster

In the first hour of his filibuster over the nomination of John Brennan, Sen. Paul spoke 9,024 words, enough to fill 15 pages as a standard Word document. A transcript of the first hour was provided by Sen. Paul’s office…

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden Joins Rand Paul For Historic Bipartisan Filibuster Over Drone Strikes

…Shortly before 4:00 p.m. ET, Sen. Wyden announced, via Twitter, that he was heading to the floor to speak out against the president’s executive overreach on targeted killings and the lack of congressional oversight thereof…

Several minutes later, Wyden appeared on the floor and Paul handed off the mic to the liberal Oregon senator.

“The issue of American security and American freedom really doesn’t get enough discussion here in the United States Senate and it’s my view that the senator from Kentucky has made a number of important points this day,” he began….

Dining With the President…

Rather than choosing to “Stand with Rand,” a small group of GOP senators are dining with the President this evening.  According to ABC News, this includes John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte.

The only good that could come out of this dinner, rather than support Senator Paul in his 8+ hour filibuster, would be if they return with a sworn written statement signed by the President himself saying, “No President has the authority to carry out lethal drone strikes on American citizens on U.S. soil.”

Sen. Ted Cruz Joins Sen. Rand Paul’s Filibuster on Brennan Nomination Part 1



At Breitbart there is an entire page at InstaBlog titled, Filibuster. The two posts, below, are from that page. But you should definitely read the whole thing.

This is What a Republic Looks Like , IowaHawk

In response to Excitement and exhaustion:

And it’s damned refreshing after the “democracy” street theatrics of the Wisconsin capitol and Occupy Whatever.

One man with principles beats the hell out of a vuvuzela-blowing mob.


Best.Presidential.Campaign.Kickoff.Ever., Elizabeth Sheld

Just sayin’.

In response to Krauthammer: This Is The Moment That Launched Rand Paul As A National Figure.


Update 2Gibbs: Killing Americans With No Due Process Using Drone Strikes Is “Not Against American Values”…

Update 3:   This afternoon Sen. Harry Reid tried to shut down the filibuster And failed.

Also, Rand Paul’s ‘Rick Santelli’ Moment

Flashback: Obama Says Waterboarding Is Torture …(But He’ll Drop a Drone Bomb On Your Head)

Top 10 Quotes From Rand Paul’s Amazing 8-Plus Hour Filibuster on Civil Liberties, Drone Strikes As of 8:23 pm, anyway.

Update 4: Dems block vote to denounce drone-killing of US citizens on US soil at 6:25 pm:

Sen. Rand Paul just offered to end his filibuster and allow a vote on CIA nominee John Brennan if he could get a vote tomorrow on a non-binding resolution regarding drone killing of US citizens on US soil. But Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin objected to allowing a vote on the resolution. So Paul resumed speaking…


Marco Joins Filibuster, Questions Administration’s Drone Usage



Update 5Sen. Ted Cruz reads supportive tweets for Rand Paul’s filibuster on the Senate floor 

And Senator Cruz read the St. Crispin’s Day speech from William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Update 6: Senator Rand Paul’s Facebook page, 6 March about 9 PM EST

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.11.34 PM


Liberal Actor on GOP-Led Filibuster Over Drones: ‘For God’s Sake, Where Are Democrats?’

Actor John Cusack describes himself as a progressive, but he has been a critic of the federal government’s drone program regardless of who is in office. Frankly, he has also be a pretty harsh critic of President Barack Obama as well.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and other GOP senators on Wednesday conducted an old-school filibuster on the Senate floor to block John Brennan’s nomination and bring attention to the potential for drone strikes on U.S. soil. As the hours went by, Cusack was curious to know: “where are Democrats?”

Here are a series of Cusack’s tweets compiled by


Read the entire article at The Blaze.

From Ace of Spades HQ:

…maybe this isn’t just a pose — maybe Barack Obama really believes that American citizens don’t have greater rights than foreign combatants on foreign shores.

If so, we might need to discuss that conceit.

From earlier today: Cruz Goes After Holder About Constitutionality Of Using Drones To Target Americans On US Soil – CBS

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