FL Sen. LeMieux to Obama: Your Failure is Washing Up on Our Beaches – Do Your Job!

Florida Pundit

Florida Senator George LeMieux has scolded President Obama for his incompetence in dealing with the oil spill on the Senate floor. LeMieux notes that Obama has a lot to say about how President Bush initially dealt with hurricane Katrina and how Obama continues to blame Republicans who haven’t been in control of Congress since 2006 for everything that has gone wrong in the country.

LeMieux tells Obama that he might not like that he is president during the biggest disaster in US history, but dealing with the situation is his job. He has met with Obama previously trying to get him to act.

Senator LeMieux was appointed to fill out the term of retired Senator Martinez and he is not running for reelection. Marco Rubio is the Republican candidate to succeed him…

The article continues, with video of Senator LeMieux, at Florida Pundit.

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