Flashback: Schumer, Franken urged IRS to target tea party in 2012

Jeff Poor
The Daily Caller

Long before the Internal Revenue Service revealed it had improperly targeted conservative 501(c)(4) groups, a group of Democratic senators led by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer urged the IRS to do just that.

The IRS’s admission last Friday that it had singled out tea party and other groups for extra audits and delays has raised concerns that President Barack Obama’s administration quietly attempted to stymy opponents through intimidation. But many prominent Democrats — including Montana Sen. Max BaucusAmericans United for the Separation of Church and State and the New York Times editorial board — had been publicly calling for tighter restrictions on 501(c)(4) groups affiliated with the tea party and conservatives.

Last year, Schumer, along with Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Tom Udall, Jeanne Shaheen and Al Franken, penned a letter calling on the agency to cap the amount of the political spending by groups masquerading as “social welfare organizations.”

A press release from Schumer’s office dated March 12, 2012 laid out the terms of the letter…


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Update: A Federal government run entirely by dementia patients, it would seem. Steve Miller: I Did Actually Ask About Who Was Responsible For This.Who Did They Say Was Responsible? Uhhh, Can’t Remember.



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