Flight from Sanity

Mark Steyn
National Review Online

…The Tsarnaev family were admitted to the United States as refugees supposedly because they were in fear of their lives in the Russian Federation. It’s so deadly that Tamerlan vacations there for six months. Meanwhile, thanks to Green Cards and a naturalized younger son, any and all of the Tsarnaev family can return to live in the US any time they want. Why is this in the interests (to use a quaint concept) of the American people?

The immigration “debate”, now apparently concluded, was a joke, and Americans are the suckers of the world for putting up with it.


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Rand Paul’s Immigration Letter to Harry Reid: Consider Boston

Sen. Rand Paul today issued a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urging him to incorporate various national security concerns into the immigration reform debate in the wake of the Boston bombings…


The letter is at the link.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Q & A with Secretary Napolitano on Border Security Triggers in Judiciary Committee




Update: 99.5% of illegal immigrants get approval for legal status; high number raises concerns about fraud

The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants…

And more video: Disgusted ICE head finally faces down Gang of 8
Fireworks erupt between Sessions, Napolitano over morale of ICE agents during Senate hearing

The head of the union representing immigration agents and staff slammed the Obama administration and the Senate’s Gang of Eight for including illegal immigrants, but excluding law enforcement from providing input on the new immigration reform legislation.

President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council Chris Crane testified before Congress Monday expressing his disgust that law enforcement was shut out of the negotiations on immigration reform.

Crane recounted to the Judiciary Committee how he was physically escorted out of a Gang of Eight press conference last week and “spoken to with anger and disrespect.”

“Never before have I seen such contempt for law enforcement officers as what I’ve seen from the Gang of Eight,” he said…

…“Unbelievably, [this bill] gives far greater authority to the president and secretary of DHS. Exactly the opposite of what our country needs to create a consistent and effective immigration system,” Crane concluded…


Update 2: Fireworks erupt between Sessions, Napolitano over morale of ICE agents during Senate hearing 

…Sessions challenged Napolitano on whether she had met with leader of the ICE employees’ union in the wake of reports of low morale among ICE agents. Napolitano replied that she had not.

“I think you should have met with them,” Sessions said. “I think there’s a real problem there. We have a very real problem. In December of 2012, a few months ago, a survey of federal agencies showed that morale of ICE employees has dropped in rankings to 279th out of 291 federal agencies. Were you aware that the morale at ICE has plummeted?”…

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