Fmr. CIA Chief: Media Ignoring ‘Very Significant Threat’ of Radicalization Inspired by Islamic State

The Washington Free Beacon

Former acting CIA Director Michael Morrell said the media are ignoring the “very significant threat” of self-radicalization inspired by propaganda from the Islamic State (IS, ISIL or ISIS).

“We have had three attacks in the last week, two in Canada, one in New York city. There was a terrorist attack in the United States last week, the media sort of didn’t pay a lot of attention to it but there was,” Morrell said. “This is a very significant threat—the self-radicalization inspired by ISIS’s message.”

Morrell stressed the importance of monitoring and investigating potential ‘lone wolf’ terrorists on the internet, where they are radicalized by the IS narrative.

“You also have to take on the narrative,” Morrell said. “Not something the United States can do by itself, we need the help of allies and moderate clerics to be able to fight this.”

Morrell also pointed out that leaks from former NSA official Edward Snowen has “made both law enforcement against this problem and intelligence against this problem more difficult.”



Watch the video at The Washington Free Beacon.




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