For Dems, health care reform more important than war in Afghanistan

Chief Political Correspondent
Washington Examiner

Twice as many Democrats say health care reform should be President Obama’s top priority as say the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should be his top concern, according to a new Gallup poll.

Gallup asked people this question: “Which of the following should be Barack Obama’s top priority as president — the economy, health care, the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, energy, the federal budget deficit, or something else?” (The choices were rotated so that not every respondent heard them in the same order.) At the top of the list, cited most by Democrats, independents and Republicans, is the economy. But there are significant differences in what comes next. Among independents and Republicans, the next three priorities are in this order: the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the federal budget deficit, and health care. Among Democrats, it’s health care, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the deficit.

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