Former Tucson DEA Head: Either Eric Holder Knew About Gunwalking Or He Deliberately Avoided Finding Out

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It does seem like a very risky thing.

Wouldn’t an under-staffer want the okay from his boss before executing a covert operation to pour truckfulls of guns into the hands of the Mexican cartel?

Wouldn’t he need that reassurance, to avoid later prosecution?

It just doesn’t seem like the sort of thing someone risks without a Cardinal Richelieu-like letter stating “The bearer of this letter has acted as he has with the the blessing of the State.”

And add to that the fact that Holder does not seem inclined to hold anyone accountable.

[C]ontrary to the picture Holder has tried to paint during his congressional hearing appearances, Coulson said that “yeah, absolutely” law enforcement officials were widely aware the ATF was using gun-walking tactics in Arizona. Coulson went so far as to say he suspects Holder himself was aware of the tactic, or was willfully unaware — meaning he didn’t want to know and made sure he wasn’t informed of gun-walking….

And with the widespread knowledge of gun-walking among federal officials in Arizona, Coulson said there’s “no way” people in Washington, D.C., at ATF headquarters and in the Department of Justice didn’t know what was going on.

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…Obama and Holder are confident that if they can ban a large number of the legal firearms that law-abiding Americans use every day for self-defense, hunting, and recreational and competitive target shooting, it will help solve Mexico’s crime problem…


UpdateFast and Furious: While Holder Makes Excuses, Mexico is Making Arrests

Update 2: Well, the AG has been kind of busy: Obama Weaponizes DOJ Against Murdoch

…“U.S. authorities are stepping up investigations, including an FBI criminal inquiry, into possible violations by employees of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire of a U.S. law banning corrupt payments to foreign officials such as police, law enforcement and corporate sources said.”  What’s the evidence on which they’re basing the investigation?  Says Reuters, “U.S. investigators have found little to substantiate allegations of phone hacking inside the United States by Murdoch journalists, the sources added.”

So why, then, is the DOJ so intent on finding wrongdoing about Murdoch?…

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