Found: Samantha Power in Ireland during urgent Syria meeting, sources say

Fox News

Mystery solved. America’s ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power was in Ireland on a personal trip when she missed an emergency meeting on the alleged chemical gas attack in Syria, U.N. sources tell Fox News.

A day earlier, State Department officials were mum when asked for information on Power’s whereabouts. She had come under fire for missing Wednesday’s urgent U.N. Security Council meeting, where delegations weighed how to respond to charges that the Assad regime had just committed the deadliest chemical weapons attack in the country’s two-year civil war.

The meeting, and her absence, came just 19 days after Power assumed the U.N. leadership post…


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…What is it about this administrations and vacations? Obama toddles off to the Vineyard and Egypt blows up. We’re told he’s in constant contact with this team of advisors and is on top of the situation. Meanwhile, the president works on his golf handicap and his tennis backhand. What do foreign leaders think of that?

The only thing as important to Obama as his down time is fundraising – something he did the day after the Benghazi attack when he jetted off to Vegas to raise millions for his campaign. The guy has an aversion to hard work and that attitude appears to have trickled to the rest of his administration.



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…When a reporter asked where this scheduled trip might have taken the ambassador, Psaki snapped, “I don’t think I need to go into more detail from here, and you’re welcome to call the United Nations, where she is the Ambassador.”  It was the third time during the same press conference Psaki asserted that the U.S. government doesn’t know what its ambassador is up to, but maybe the folks over at the United Nations could help the media out.  I’d call this indifference to the disposition of a high-ranking State Department employee shocking, but, Benghazi…

…Incidentally, the reporter hammering the hapless Jen Psaki for the whereabouts of our ambassador to the United Nations was James Rosen of Fox News.  The Obama Administration certainly seems interested in keeping tabs on his movements...




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