Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren Gives Obama a Blistering ‘Refresher’ on the Constitution

Oliver Darcy
The Blaze

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren gave President Barack Obama a “refresher” on the U.S. Constitutional during her program Wednesday night.

“Let’s all go ‘Off the Record’ for a minute. President Obama and I both have this common: We both went to it and taught at law school,” she said. “He studied the same Constitution I did — ours, the United States. So tonight, a Constitutional law refresher for all of us, including and mostly for, President Obama.”

Van Susteren took Obama to task over his administration’s hesitation to put a potential agreement with Iran to vote in Congress.

“Ultimately, we can’t put in place an additional hurdle for that agreement to overcome here at the 11th hour,” White House press secretary said during a press conference this week…

…”Presidents are not kings. They are not dictators and under our Constitution, the President of the United States has broad powers, but by no means absolute powers,” she added…



The entire article, with video, is at The Blaze.




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