Fox to guard henhouse? ‘Dodd headed to Treasury?’

by Faiz Shakir

This morning, The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported that retiring Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) may be offered a job in the Obama administration. “Privately, senior White House officials have communicated to Dodd their belief that his position was untenable. A sinecure or administration position is likely,” he wrote. Roll Call further speculates that Treasury Secretary could be a possibility:

Speculation has also begun about potential employment for Dodd in the Obama administration.

For instance, several Democratic Senate aides noted that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is an extremely unpopular figure in the Senate. Geithner has also taken the brunt of the criticism for the administration’s handling of the economy and, these sources speculated, if the country’s financial picture does not brighten before Election Day, he could be the first secretary to leave the administration.

Although Dodd would appear to be well-situated to take control of Treasury if the position were to open, it may not be smooth sailing for his nomination.

Dodd’s cozy relations with Countrywide and A.I.G. could subject his nomination to a messy confirmation battle.

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