France, Germany Leave Talks As Iran Threatens US, Israel

Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — April 1, 2015 … The deadline for achieving a framework agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program has come and gone. France and Germany have left the negotiations stating “things had not advanced enough for an immediate deal.”

As Obama continues to beg for any kind of agreement while Iran chants “Death to America”, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued the following statement today:

“Yesterday an Iranian general brazenly declared and I quote: ‘Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable’, but evidently giving Iran’s murderous regime a clear path to the bomb is negotiable. This is unconscionable.”…


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Related: Saudi Defense Minister to Congress: ‘Iran Can’t Be Trusted’

…When asked by Buchanan and other lawmakers present at the sit-down about the current talks with Iran—which have now passed their March 31 deadline—Salman called the tentative agreement disastrous for the region.

Salman “said Iran can’t be trusted,” according to a readout provided by Buchanan following the hour-long meeting in Riyadh. “He questioned why we would be negotiating with the Iranians when they are responsible for growing tension in the Middle East.”…

…Sources close to leading lawmakers say that they have been shut out of the talks by the Obama administration, which is pushing to tie Congress’ hands…


NBC’s Engel: Israel And Arab States Find Common Cause In “Opposition To U.S. Policy” On Iran (video)

…They think it is dangerous. They think it rewards Iran, and what we’re seeing now is an unusual dynamic where Israel, which has long been the pariah of the Middle East, is finding common cause with Arab states With Egypt, with Saudi Arabia, with Jordan, all coming down with a very similar line to Israel’s, that Iran should not be given the reward of a negotiation, that it shouldn’t be allowed to continue to have a nuclear program…



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