From light bulbs to sex lives, ‘this is a government that doesn’t know when to stop’

Joe Saunders
BizPac Review

A government that spends its time worrying about the country’s light bulbs, football teams, and college students’ sex lives simply isn’t capable of handling the challenges of war or deadly diseases, conservative columnist George Will said on Sunday.

And it can’t be trusted by its citizens to do so.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Will was answering a question Chris Wallace posted to his panel and the viewing audience: “Can we have faith in government?”

Will’s answer was an emphatic – and well reasoned – NO.

“I think we have much more to fear from excessive faith in government than from too little faith in government,” he told Wallace. “You asked, ‘Can we trust the government to do its job?’ What isn’t its job now?”

The Obama administration and Democrat interest groups technically outside government but beholden to it – teachers unions, college administrators and the like – are simply too prevalent in the country today to be close to effective, Will said. And never had the capacity to be effective anyway…



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