From the man using his body to block violent mob to the boy handing out water to riot cops: Moments of kindness in Baltimore amid the violence

  • Thousands of Baltimore residents pitched in to clean up the city on Tuesday after a night of riots and looting 
  • Two moving images surfaced, showing a young boy passing out water to cops and another man protecting a police line from an agitated crowd  


The Daily Mail [UK]
28 April 2015

After a night of violence, looting and lawlessness, residents of Baltimore turned out Tuesday with incredible shows of humanity and compassion.

Among the moments captured by cameras was a heartwarming photo of a young boy passing out water bottles to a line of police officers in riot gear.

In a community where even the police commissioner has admitted to a strained relationship between cops and residents, it was a moving gesture.

And the unidentified boy wasn’t the only one going out of his way to calm tensions on Tuesday…


The article, with video, continues at The Daily Mail.



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