Full Text of Joni Ernst’s Republican Response to 2015 State of the Union

Joni Ernst
The Daily Signal

Good evening.

I’m Joni Ernst. As a mother, a soldier, and a newly elected senator from the great State of Iowa, I am proud to speak with you tonight.

A few moments ago, we heard the President lay out his vision for the year to come. Even if we may not always agree, it’s important to hear different points of view in this great country. We appreciate the President sharing his.

Tonight though, rather than respond to a speech, I’d like to talk about your priorities. I’d like to have a conversation about the new Republican Congress you just elected, and how we plan to make Washington focus on your concerns again.

We heard the message you sent in November — loud and clear. And now we’re getting to work to change the direction Washington has been taking our country…



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…Ernst won her seat last November as the first woman ever elected to Congress from Iowa, and the first female combat veteran ever to serve in the Senate.



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The Heritage Foundation’s experts’ takes on the policies mentioned in the State of the Union.

  •       Economy

  •       Energy

  •       Education

  •       Legal

  •       Health Care


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