Garrett responds to thin-skinned Obama’s public scolding

Nicole Haas
BizPac Review

…It seems Garrett knew exactly what he was doing and has become the focus of attention for getting under the president’s thin-skin.

“Politics, especially those elected as president, are very adept at creating straw men…that’s exactly what the president did,” Garrett explained.

Garrett brought up the fact that the Obama administration had repeatedly told the families of the hostages that it would never be “content” with the situation, and would work to free them.

“Everyone has heard the president say he’s not content, and they will work overtime to win their eventual release,” Garrett said. “That does not appear to me to be a sideline issue.”

With that in mind, Garrett asked the president what a lot of Americans would have asked him if they could…



The complete article, with video, is at BizPac Review.


Update: Princess Lightbringer’s courtiers respond the way you’d expect: CNN Reporter Says Major Garrett ‘Crossed the Line’ With Question That Visibly Frustrated Obama

CNN correspondent Dana Bash weighed in on a controversial question that CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett asked President Barack Obama during a press conference about Iran on Wednesday, saying that she believes the reporter “crossed the line.”…

Just one more reason why the only people who watch CNN are those trapped in doctors’ offices and airports.

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