Gay Protestors Surround Praying Priest


Father Gerald O’Reilly is shouted down by a group of protesters from the Gay Liberation Network as he prays outside of Chick-fil-A, (Watertower) in Chicago Illinois on the 8th of August, 2012.

H/T Moonbattery, “Liberal Tolerance”

Behold the reverence accorded a priest in Chicago by the militant perverts who are trying to shut down Chic-fil-A because its president believes in the sanctity of marriage…

Update: FBI Interviews DC LGBT Center Head In Connection With Shooting At Family Research Council

Suspect in shooting had volunteered at the DC LGBT community center, group’s head says. He added that all volunteers go through a background check.

Also, Washington Post: Gunning Down Political Opponents Is No Big Deal, As Long As The Right People Are Getting Shot

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Attacked Family Research Council as ‘Hate Group’ in 2010 Report

HAVE YOU NO DECENCY? HuffPo attacks Family Research Council just hours after shooting….

Update: How Gay Community Leaders Promote Hate and Encourage Violence Against Christians: Chicago’s Sidetrack the Video Bar as Case Study

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