Gaza Organizer Bülent Yildirim at Hamas Rally: ‘Everything in the World … Is Progressing Towards Islam’

Donald Douglas
American Power Blog


Via Gateway Pundit, “Gaza Flotilla Organizer at Hamas Rally: ‘Anyone Who Does Not Stand With Palestine Will Be Toppled… World Is Progressing to Islam’ (Video)”:

And at MEMRI, “‘Freedom Flotilla’ Organizer Bülent Yıldırım at Hamas Rally in Gaza: ‘Anyone Who Does Not Stand Alongside Palestine… Will Be Toppled’; ‘Everything in the World… Is Progressing Towards Islam’; ‘What Can The Enemy Do To Me?… If They Kill Me – That Is Martyrdom for the Sake of Allah… The Entire World Must Know That If They Do Not Lift the Embargo from Gaza, All the Muslims in the World Will March to Gaza’.”

Background at Wall Street Journal, “Turkish Charity Group Sounds Defiant Note.”

More at AmericanPowerBlog.

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