Geert Wilders’ Security Cordon at Ground Zero Rally

CAJ note: It’s important to really look at this photo. Observe the amount of security this man needs just to speak in public. Behind the stage. Around the corner. In front of the stage. We have read in British newspapers that Mr. Wilders never spends two nights in the same place.

Tolerant, compassionate liberals? Religion of peace?…

The woman in the photo is blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

American Power

There was obviously so much more about it. Still, I noticed this, all through his speech. Geert Wilders had ultra-tight security. And this is above and beyond the massive NYPD presence for the event. El Marco has a new report, “Geert Wilders Warns America at 9/11 Remembrance Rally.” And he writes of the photo below:

Mr. Wilders was surrounded by Dutch government security men due to Islamist and leftist threats against his life. The agent in the foreground holds a bullet proof shield with both hands, ready to open it quickly to defend against an assassin’s attack. The stage area was completely surrounded by security agents.

Mr. Wilders is outspoken in opposing the islamization of the Netherlands and the West. He produced a short film called Fitna which features violent Koranic quotes juxtaposed with images of terrorist attacks. Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death in Amsterdam for making a similar film called Submission. Van Gogh’s partner in making the film, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, M.P., was advised by the Dutch government, that she would be safer living elsewhere. She moved to the relative safety of America, where she lives under 24 hour tight security. Pamela Geller is also under constant death threat, as is Robert Spencer, both of whom can be seen in the photo …

The conditions under which these human rights activists live show clearly that islam is a violent totalitarian ideology which is destroying free speech in Europe. It takes left-wing political correctness (speech control) one step further by threatening the lives of those who speak out.

The article continues at American Power

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