General Blames 'Night Stalker' for Military Purge

Says mysterious adviser’s influence on Obama now negatively affecting U.S. armed forces




F. Michael Maloof

WASHINGTON – Who, or what, is behind the “purge” of top-level U.S. military officers during the Obama administration, with estimates of the number of senior officers fired during the last five years edging toward 200?

According to Retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, formerly the deputy commanding general of the Pacific Command, who has served as a Fox News senior military analyst , a good part of the blame belongs to Obama’s close adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Rampant “political correctness” due to her influence, Vallely tells WND, is now permeating the military and negatively affecting everyone from top pharmacy viagra generals to the ranks of the enlisted.

WND has been reporting on the surge of firings, suspensions and dismissals of key military commanders under Obama, including just a day ago, when the commander of the U.S. Army Garrison Japan was summarily relieved of his duties.

So far, at least nine generals and flag officers have been relieved of duty under Obama just this calendar year – widely viewed as an extraordinary number…

…Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, says in a story by The Blaze, that Jarrett influences nearly every policy issue at the White House.

“She seems to have her tentacles into every issue and every topic,” Chaffetz says. “Her name ultimately always comes up.”…



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