Generation Null

Larrey Anderson
American Thinker

Move over, Generations Y and X — make room, at least in Zuccotti Park, for Generation Null.  This is the generation whose ignorance passes for knowledge; these are the protesters whose selfishness is thinly disguised as sincerity.  This is the generation where the self supplants the spirit.  Of all the crises America faces, the Occupy Wall Street movement proves that our greatest plight is spiritual.  We are daily witnesses to the rants of young people who have no concept of the human soul.

We were warned.  More than that, we were told exactly how and why this crisis would occur in our lifetime.  In a prescient article in Criterion, published in the summer of 1963, the philosopher Leo Strauss described America’s plunge into a spiritual vacuum [i].  Let’s take a walk through his explanation, among the throngs of OWS, and into the empty essence of Generation Null…

…Members of Generation Null squat in a private park in New York and beg for a public handout.  These are the children of the parents who were the first generation of Americans to be taught that they were all “special.”  Generation Null is twice special and doubly empty.

Deferring to nothing higher than their selves, they lack guidance.  They lack thought and discipline.  Instead they have what they call sincerity.

Generation Null’s “sincerity” is emotional posturing [ii].  Their expression of self-sincerity is the self-assertion of a feeling

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