George Soros declares open war on Tea Party; Americans need to declare open war on George Soros


Most Americans have no idea who George Soros is. That’s one of the reasons Soros has been allowed to manipulate America the way he does: he’s a James Bond villain without the corresponding movies that allow the American people to see what he’s up to.

Soros has now announced that he’s declaring open war on the Tea Party movement.

Since 70% of Americans share at least some Tea Party sentiment, this means Soros has now declared open war on 70% of the American people.

This will not end well…for George Soros.

Especially not if the Tea Party itself responds in kind, and members spread the word to all Americans about the unnatural, undemocratic influence Soros has on the country.

We have a feeling in our gut that this could be a critical error on the part of Soros. By attacking a grassroots, inherently American, revolutionary movement, Soros might just draw more attention to himself than he’s ever drawn before.  With the things he’s always up to, that’s going to be bad for Soros.

But, good for America if people finally wake up and demand Democrats own up to everything Soros has a hand in.

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