George Soros Laments EU’s Demise, Projects his Fascism onto Sovereigntists

Don Hank
Gulag Bound

A few weeks ago, a geopolitical tectonic shift was announced in an interview between George Soros and Fareed Zakaria on CNN, and since I suspected that the vast majority of the audience had missed its import, I decided to alert my readers. George Soros, a geopolitical analyst whose opinion is respected on the Left, all but admitted outright that the European Union (EU) was finished. If you missed Part I of my analysis of Soros’ analysis, it is here

…In Part III, Soros admits that one of his foundations was deeply involved in destabilizing Ukraine to the point of unleashing the lethally violent uprising that unseated its democratically elected government. Yet in practically the next breath, Soros accuses Russia of intending to destabilize Ukraine. On this basis alone, Soros’ interview should become the classic case study in double talk.

Part IV, not yet posted when I wrote this, shows that Soros cynically induced Ukraine to join a body that Soros knew, at the time, was doomed to a tragic end…



Read the entire article at Gulag Bound.




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