George Soros Went Shopping During MF Global’s Fire Sale

But Jon Corzine testified he doesn’t know where the money went…In our opinion, Corzine and Holder should probably be cellmates…CAJ

Sam Ro
Business Insider

The man who made a billion shorting the British pound just made a $2 billion bet going long European bonds, reports the Wall Street Journal’s Greg Zuckerman and Dana Cimilluca.

From the WSJ:

Investor George Soros’s family fund bought about $2 billion of European bonds formerly owned by MF Global Holdings Ltd., the very debt that helped force the securities firm to file for bankruptcy protection Oct. 31, according to people close to the matter.

According to the story, Soros was able to buy the bonds at a discount to market from MF Global’s bankruptcy administrator KPMG. Other big players were also said to have participated in the sales.


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