Gingrich to media: Let me explain the difference between the tea party and #OWS


Romney and Cain took some well-deserved shots at the occupiers today too but here’s Gingrich ramping it up with a base-pleasing tea-party contrast. Between soundbites like this and the occasional roundhouse at debate moderators, I’m starting to believe those Rasmussen numbers.

Just one question: Is a guy who got paid big bucks to push expensive new government health-care programs really going to emerge as the “tea-party candidate”? If you missed Timothy Carney’s report on Gingrich’s work for the pharmaceutical lobby while Bush was pushing his Medicare prescription-drug expansion, read it now

…given his loooong tenure inside the Beltway as a congressman and later a well-paid lobbyist and in light of his many ideological “eccentricities” over the years, how exactly is Newt more of a tea-party champion than, say, Romney is?…

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Related: Meanwhile, at HillBuzz, a video from Occupy Chicago of Northwestern professor Mary Patillo suggesting the government seize all housing so that we can model ourselves after Cuba.

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