Giuliani: If dialogue and sensitivity are the goals, don’t build the mosque on Ground Zero

Ed Morrissey

Rudy Giuliani took on Matt Lauer, his successor as Mayor, and apparently Nancy Pelosi’s thought police to argue against the building of the Ground Zero mosque. Giuliani acknowledged, as most of the project’s opponents do, that the owners of the property have a right to build anything within the zoning regulations at the site. Giuliani doesn’t call for government intervention, either. But he calls for the same kind of sensitivity that the Pope showed in pushing to move a convent in the vicinity of Auschwitz to a less provocative location as a way to foster actual healing, dialogue, and understanding:

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Giuliani wonders whether Rauf can even get the money necessary to move forward with the project. The imam will travel abroad soon, on the State Department’s dime, but may not find receptive audiences. One of the most influential institutions in Sunni Islam, Egypt’s Al Azhar, considers the entire idea a Zionist plot to tie Islam to 9/11, according to Pajamas Media (via Instapundit)…

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