Glenn Beck: A Show for Our Police Officers

The Daily Beck

Police officers are being asked to stand in solidarity with the unions. And why shouldn’t they? No one has a problem with teachers or the vast majority of everyday union members.

But the people who are leading these protests, like Van Jones, are engendering revolution and a chaotic spirit across the country. Jones is even part of a new New York state curriculum which contains anti-police rhetoric and focuses not on how police help the community but on police brutality.

If you know a police offer, please, pass this show on to them. All the research for tonight’s show can be found [at The Daily Beck].

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NYSUT is a federation of more than 1,200 local unions, each representing its own members. We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA). We are also part of organized labor – the AFL-CIO – and of Education International, with more than 20 million members world wide.

We range in size from tiny locals of fewer than 10 members to the United Federation of Teachers, which represents more than 140,000 teachers and other school employees in New York City.

We are dedicated to improving not only our working conditions, but also our professions. We’re united in a common commitment to improve the quality of education and healthcare for the people of New York.

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Update: Also mentioned, Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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