Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss the Constitution and limited powers

How do we build a third party based on limited government and the Constitution?

Glenn sits down Judge Napolitano to talk about the historical origins of libertarianism.

Progressivism is taking root in this country, and the problem doesn’t just lie in the Democratic party. The problem extends to the GOP too. What does the Republican party even stand for anymore other than winning elections? They’ll do anything to win, even if it means compromising on the values and principles that made the conservative movement strong to begin with. Civil servants like Ted Cruz and Chris Stewart are unfortunately more the exceptions than the rule when it comes to conservative leadership in Washington. So what are the people who believe in the principles of small government and freedom supposed to do when they can’t find a home in the Republican or Democratic parties?

Since he returned from vacation, Glenn has been saying it’s time to look for a third party where people can find common ground based on the Constitution. He’s argued that people of different backgrounds and beliefs can come together on libertarian principles. But people need to have open and honest conversations in order to find the places where they can find the true big tent that will shape the future of the country.

In order to find this common ground, Glenn invited FOX News contributor Judge Napolitano, an expert on libertarian philosophy, onto the show to discuss the Constitution and how it’s principles can lead to a resurgence of freedom and small government.

Watch Part 1 of their interview below:



And Part 2:



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