Glenn Beck interviews Trevor Loudon

Glenn spoke with one of the more interesting people he knows on radio today – Trevor Loudon. Here’s a man who’s dedicated his life to calling out radical leftists wherever he can root them up. Turns out there all over the place and they just keep on coming. Glenn talks with Trevor about the latest connections he’s found.

Related: Trevor was on GBTV 11/15/2011:

…Loudon said the eviction of the protesters from Zuccotti Park in New York will not be the end of the Movement. He believes it will come back strong next Spring and through the Summer of 2012, moving right into the Fall Presidential Election Season:

“They will come back bigtime in the Spring and right through next Summer, and they will create merry hell in every city in America that they can get away with. I think they will probably do things like attack the Republican Party Convention next year in Tampa. I think there will be a lot of aggression . . . and they will try to use the Election year to focus attention on what they want.”…

The video is at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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