Glenn Beck’s radio interview with Lord Monckton

Via Astute Blogger who also has the audio conversations on their site.

From Climate Realists:

MUST LISTEN: Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Monckton – Reveals Inconvenient Truth About Copenhagen Treaty
by Kirsten E. Lombard,
Tuesday, October 20th 2009

Glenn Beck’s third hour of radio this morning delivered a significant blow to the international treaty President Obama is expected to sign in Copenhagen in early December. Mr. Beck spoke for approximately fifteen minutes with Lord Christoper Monckton. A former advisor on science policy to Lady Margaret Thatcher, Monckton has become known around the world as the “Anti Al Gore.”

Those who read my previous article, or who have now seen the video of Lord Monckton’s October 14th lecture at Bethel University, will already know that his message now extends beyond the global warming lie itself. Rather his Lordship is busily sounding an alarm about where that lie will shortly take us if we do not act quickly to stop it.

Beck and Monckton clearly have an easy conversational rapport. The two have spoken in the past, and both possess an excellent sense of humor. A few humorous moments aside, though, the seriousness of the subject before them was clearly driving the…

Listen to discussion part 1……Listen to discussion part 2 .

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