Glenn Greenwald’s partner detained at London airport, items confiscated

Mandy Nagy
Legal Insurrection

The partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald was detained and questioned for nine hours on Sunday at Heathrow airport in London as he was returning home to Rio de Janeiro. Authorities ultimately released him, but not before confiscating several pieces of his electronics equipment…

…In a statement that Greenwald posted to The Guardian in response to today’s incident, Greenwald indicates that Miranda was questioned specifically about the NSA reporting.

The stated purpose of this law, as the name suggests, is to question people aboutterrorism. The detention power, claims the UK government, is used “to determine whether that person is or has been involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.”

But they obviously had zero suspicion that David was associated with a terrorist organization or involved in any terrorist plot. Instead, they spent their time interrogating him about the NSA reporting which Laura Poitras, the Guardian and I are doing, as well the content of the electronic products he was carrying. They completely abused their own terrorism law for reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism: a potent reminder of how often governments lie when they claim that they need powers to stop “the terrorists”, and how dangerous it is to vest unchecked power with political officials in its name.

The detention of Greenwald’s partner highlights just how closely officials have kept a watch on things.  And there has been quite a bit of activity in recent days that seems to signify the delicate environment at this time…


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UpdateGreenwald says he’ll publish UK documents after partner detained in London



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