Google Continues to Spy on Unsuspecting Citizens

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News that Google’s Street Car Program collected locations of millions of cell phones, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices from around the globe has raised further privacy concerns about the policies of the corporate Giant.

Google’s Street Car program was ostensibly designed to collect and catalog public Wi-Fi locations but instead the company also recorded the addresses and unique identifiers of computers and other devices using those wireless networks and then made the data publicly available through until just a few weeks ago.

Sound familiar? It should. This isn’t the first time Google has been caught driving around capturing private information from unsuspecting citizens.

Last year, Google’s Streetview cars captured personal information including passwords from Wi-Fi networks in every home the cars drove past.

The last time this happened, Google claimed it was a  “mistake” and blamed a rogue employee. But it seems like there are an awful lot of “mistakes” that result in Google’s acquisition of massive caches of otherwise unobtainable personal data. has been all over this latest incident from the beginning…

…From collecting and permanently storing every email sent from Gmail account to vacuuming up Facebook information to build Google+, Google’s entire business model seems to threaten and violate the privacy rights of millions of Americans.  And perhaps most troubling about all this information is Google’s growing partnership with government including the National Security Agency (NSA).

Google’s growing relationship with the Obama Administration has watchdogs groups asking whether Google has benefited with their political connections with the Obama Administration…

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