Governor Pawlenty warns Senator Snowe

Pawlenty takes on Snowe
By Eric Zimmermann
The Hill

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.) warned Olympia Snowe today that she’s risking her position in the GOP by considering a vote for healthcare reform.

“She’s somebody who has gotten into the middle of the healthcare debate in a way that makes Republicans mad,” Pawlenty said on Morning Joe. “They make accept that, but they’re not going to accept her deviating on many other things.”

Asked whether he was glad Snowe was a Republican, Pawlenty hedged.

“There is a process in her state that is broad based that endorses her, and the Republicans in that state say ‘we want her to be our candidate,'” Pawlenty said.

Pressed on the issue, Pawlenty made clear he wouldn’t offer a definitive answer.

PAWLENTY: “I think Olympia Snowe is somebody who is more liberal than most Republicans would like but she is better than having a Democrat represent me.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Is that a yes? I think that’s a yes.”

PAWLENTY: Well look, the people of Maine have an open process, they selected her. It’s different [than Scozzafava].”

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