‘Green’ Islam?

Mark Musser
Pittsburgh Tribune

On June 9, Prince Charles delivered a stunning speech at Oxford wherein he called for a Western pantheistic religious synthesis with Islam to help save the world from the impending environmental catastrophe looming on the apocalyptic horizon.

Shockingly, Charles believes that Islam can play a critical role in bringing back ancient religious traditions that will promote a much-needed check on Western man’s unbridled enthusiasm for capitalism, power and money, where science has been inappropriately exploited by commerce since the Industrial Revolution.

Prince Charles presumes that such a course of action will return the Western world to a more reverent attitude toward nature. He thus concluded his speech by quoting an old saying from Islamic nomads — “The best of all Mosques is Nature herself.”

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CAJ note: Since the early 1530s when King Henry VIII separated from the Pope over the issue of divorce, the British monarch has been the head of the Church of England. The Church of England is Anglican, a Christian Church. Hence, if Prince Charles were to ascend to the throne, he would also be the leader of this Church. Perhaps giving such a speech is also an acknowledgement that he has given up his place in succession in favor of his son, Prince William.

Update: Read also “Self-absorbed Prince Charles: ‘I was born’ to save the entire planet, all human civilization, and in fact the entire universe! Excelsior!” at theblogprof.

Update 2: Common American Journal welcomes readers from Blazing Cat Fur. This from a comment on that site:

From Malik – Some significant portion of the aristocracy – and 100% of the would be aristocracy – yearns for a medieval world of land-holders and peasants. Charles is their standard bearer. Green ideology is their justification. Islam is their method. God save Prince William and Prince Harry, the first English heirs to the throne of England in centuries; our best hope for an insurgency against the darkness.

Malik has a site you should visit, Outremer United. On the site see this video, Prince Charles – Islam & Muslims in the World Today. Painful to watch. More painful to hear. This by-blow sounds like a retarded William Shatner on Thorazine. Or the Church of England.

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