‘Green’ Progressives are smarter than you bitter clingers, so change or die

A poster by World Wildlife Fund via Babalu blog:

Photo of lower Manhattan that was photoshopped to show many planes attacking the World Trade Center. The poster says 'The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11.' World Wildlife Foundation

Many a truth is oft said in jest (UPDATED)

George Moneo

Read some other reactions from Big Hollywood and James Delingpole’s fantastic piece in the Telegraph (be sure to watch the Greenpeace video he links).

From American Thinker comes this video produced by a UK environmental group. Watch it. Remember it. It is very disturbing.

The video is supposed to be funny. Really, it is. Conservatives have been warning everyone of the dangers of the socialist/progressive agenda for decades. They have tried, drop by drop, to implement it, and have succeeded at many of their line items. But here we have a brazen example of their real intent regarding so-called “climate change” that is, at least, refreshing in its honesty — and this is a trait seldom if never found in this crowd. This is them, unmasked, desperate, with their evil intent showing for all the world to see — they could care less how it appears.

The message to us, the unwashed, is clear: reduce your carbon emissions (or you can insert your favorite progressive cause here) or else. No more compassion, no more tolerance. Do as we say or die.

These folks are the modern incarnations of the absolute worst our species is capable of: cute little Nazis and commies, rolled into one nasty compassionate, tolerant package.

Read the rest of the article at Babalu blog.

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