Grim Diagnosis: 200 Days of Obamacare

Connie Hair
Human Events

Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and John Barrasso (R-Wy.), the only two medical doctors serving in the United State Senate, have released a new report on the implementation of Obamacare at the 200 day mark.

Grim Diagnosis – A check-up on the federal health law” details how many of the consequences of Obamacare to date are worse than anticipated.

“Unfortunately, the overhaul that passed Congress this spring did not represent the real health reform Americans want and need.  The new law focused on some of the symptoms in our health care system, but failed to address the underlying disease.  For a majority of Americans, the cost of health coverage is their primary concern.  For too many, cost is the access problem. Unfortunately, the new law increases costs to patients, consumers, and taxpayers, while exacerbating many existing problems in health care,” Coburn and Barrasso write in the report.

“This report presents the American people with a second opinion on the economic and financial impacts of the new health care law. Americans have a right to know how their health care, jobs, and financial stability will be impacted by the new law.  The health overhaul threatens our nation’s economic recovery, increases costs, and reduces job growth.”

Read the report’s findings on Human Events.

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