Ground Zero Mega Mosque Landmark Meeting 7/13 at 2 PM

Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

More remains of 72 people were recently found at a World Trade Center site.

More remains of 72 people were found at a World Trade Center site.

Landmarks Commission Meeting July 13th.

According to our legal team, the hearing starts at 2:00 p.m. and will be held at 904 Lexington Avenue (at the corner of East 68th Street), in Lecture Hall 714 of Hunter College on the 7th floor. Anyone who wants to speak gets two minutes — sign up in advance in the lobby of the auditorium.

They are trying to sweep this monster under the rug. Mayor Bloomberg won’t even meet with the 911 families or the Coalition for the Preservation of Ground Zero. The Landmark Commission members are all his appointees. He is helping ram this mega mosque through. Why?

They have moved venues, changed times etc. We must be heard. Please attend. Please speak up. Be polite. There have been infiltrators screaming and yelling that are not part of our group. Bring a sign, “not with us.”

Has the landmark commission done their due diligence? Have they sent architectural historians to the site? The architect, Daniel Badger, is already a landmarked architect, a pioneer of the day. They tabled this issue for over twenty years, then hurriedly scheduled this meeting in two weeks. Something smells rotten at Ground Zero.

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