Gutfield says let’s build a gay bar next to Ground Zero Mega-mosque; mosque spokesman says that’s insensitive

Ground Zero mosque spokesman to Gutfeld: Your gay bar won’t build dialogue because it doesn’t consider our sensibilities


He’s got a point. Construction projects that fail to consider local cultural sensitivities aren’t very conducive to dialogue, are they? [Click to enlarge]

That’s part of a running Twitter exchange — ongoing as I write this, replete with a perfunctory accusation of “hate speech” — between the Park51 group and Gutfeld. If you’re hungry for more, Gut will be on Beck’s show later to explore the deepening nuance regarding when it is and isn’t appropriate to care what your neighbors might think about your real estate ambitions. Meanwhile, although The One’s team continues to show admirable message discipline in quickly punting any Park51 questions tossed their way, there’s finally a break on the Democratic side: Lame duck New York Governor David Paterson is offering to help the property owners find new digs elsewhere if they’re willing to move. Why they’d be willing to do that now when they haven’t offered to do so already despite the opportunities for “dialogue” having imploded weeks ago, I have no idea. But it’s nice to see a politician trying to do something productive here instead of grandstanding.

Exit question: Has Frum solved the mystery behind this whole clusterfark? Dude, I think he has.

Update: Gutfeld’s tweet back to Park51?

@Park51 it’s simple, if we can welcome a mosque near GZ, then you should welcome a gay Muslim nightclub near your Mosque. Why won’t you?

Update 2: Gutfeld on the Muslim gay bar: “This might be the greatest idea I’ve ever had”


Via Mediaite, here’s the Beck segment. It’s disappointing insofar as it devotes more time to funny names for the bar — “Suspicious Packages” is especially good — than to the point Gutfeld’s trying to make about double standards vis-a-vis cultural sensitivity. But it’s three minutes of airtime with a big audience he wouldn’t otherwise have had, and he did get to read the insanely hypocritical tweet from the Park51 spokesman, so hey.

Has anyone suggested “Scimitars” yet?

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