Have you forgotten? World Trade Center bombing, 20 years later

Michelle Malkin



Yes, it’s really been two decades since the first World Trade Center bombing.

We always hear “Never forget.” But how many still remember anymore? And how many have really learned?

The jihadi truck bomb exploded at 12:18pm, Feb. 26, 1993:

Four of the six people killed in the attack worked for the World Trade Center’s owner, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Most of the victims were having lunch in their basement office, adjacent to the parking garage where terrorists parked their explosives-laden van.

Bob Kirkpatrick, 61, Steven Knapp, 47, and Bill Macko, 57, were mechanical supervisors for the transportation agency. Monica Rodriguez Smith was Macko’s secretary. All were killed in the bombing.

The fifth and sixth victims were Wilfred Mercado, 37, who worked for the Windows on the World restaurant atop the North Tower and was checking in food deliveries in the basement, and John DiGiovanni, 45, a dental salesman who was in the parking garage when the bomb exploded.

Another thousand people suffered injuries. It took 11 hours to evacuate some 50,000 people from the complex.

The blast from the homemade 1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb blew a hole five stories deep and half-a-football field wide. The explosion badly damaged the tower’s inner support beams and caused $500 million in property damage. But the twin towers were repaired, cleaned, and reopened in less than a month…

…But the families who suffered in 1993 say they lost just as much, even if hardly anyone remembers.

“Names get read every year and the whole country watches,” said Denise Rossilli, whose father, Steve Knapp was killed that day along with John DiGiovanni, 45, Robert W. Kirkpatrick, 61, William Macko, 57, Wilfredo Mercado, 37 and Monica Rodriguez Smith, 34.

“We don’t get the same honor for our dead,” Rosilli said. “We are treated differently because we are not part of 9/11.”…

…As of 1:50pm Eastern today, the White House Twitter account had zero mentions of the WTC 1993 anniversary. The White House website had nothing about the attack on the front page. And the @BarackObama Twitter account, operated by Organizing for Action, was silent. Maybe if the victims’ families had $500,000 to shell out, they’d get a mention and meeting with the president like his high-dollar donors…

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UpdateWhite House Ignores 20th Anniversary Of WTC Bombing… 

But he did have time to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsy for the umpteenth time. Worth noting Morsy is trying to secure the release of the cleric behind the attacks, the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman…

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