‘He’s Not The King. He’s The President. He’s Elected Just Like The Rest Of Us’

The Other McCain

Peter Robinson interviews Rep. Paul Ryan in an excellent palate-cleanser. It’s 17 kinds of awesome to be home, with bandwidth, and have a chance to enjoy this. It’s also fantastic that a state which could produce a blogger who posts a picture of a ballerina sitting in a tree, wearing galoshes and a stormtrooper helmet (I guess that’s dating in Wisconsin for you) could also produce a statesman of the caliber of Ryan. Trog must have been part of the bargain, somehow.

Post title comes at 3:25 in the clip . Ryan, you rock.

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Over the weekend Rep. Paul Ryan reviewed The Price of Civilization, the new book from Jeffrey Sachs, which apparently argues that America needs to adopt Euro-socialist policies, rather than learn from the misery inflicted by the worst of democratic socialism there.  Rather than rehash that debate, I want to focus on the totalitarian and liberal fascist aspects of the book Ryan mentions.

According to Ryan: “The Constitution imposes too many restrictions on government interference for Mr. Sachs, and we’d be better served if we moved toward a ‘French-style’ constitution that consolidated the executive and legislative branches and empowered experts to help us manage the ‘complexity of our economy.’ “  Ryan also notes that Sachs echoes the arguments of French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham.  Ryan does not mention that Rousseau’s theory of the general will is the forerunner of modern totalitarianism and Bentham’s idea of Utopia was a prison under his total control.

It is worth noting that Sachs is not considered a fringe character.  He has been named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” twice and Vanity Fair magazine put him on its list of 100 members of the New Establishment.  Moreover, Sachs is hardly alone in indulging these sorts of thoughts on the left…

Read the whole thing.

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